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Practising Self-Care During Wedding Planning

Getting married is often considered one of life’s most stressful periods…especially if you’ve never planned a massive event before. We’ve all seen memes that compare wedding planning to fighting in a war or a bride armed with a bat ready to trip off! Long and often complicated to-do lists, high emotions, numerous meetings, budgeting, decision-making, the sometimes too involved family members and tons of expectations (in an industry that can seem to prey on fears of imperfection) usually lead to a less than magical journey.

Taking care of your self during the wedding planning process is essential for your health and happiness. We’re talking to our brides and our grooms here. It’s also important for your relationship. You can’t be there for your spouse if you’re not taking care of yourself. I’d like to share the following self-care tips to help you stay balanced and make the journey a little more enjoyable.

  1. Delegate – Delegating tasks will allow you to enjoy your engagement and be more present. Some of your family and friends may be offering their assistance – feel free to accept that helping hand when you need to.
  2. Make Sleep a Priority – I know that wedding planning probably keeps you up at night and sleep tends to be put on the back burner but sleep is the pillar of good health. It is necessary for proper digestion, stress management and desirable energy levels. Aim for 8 hours and you’ll look and feel your best come wedding day.
  3. Schedule YOU –Your calendar is probably full of appointments and meetings that have been scheduled. What about self-care? If it’s not on your calendar then you are not going to make it a priority. When you have a lot going on it’s very easy to forget to make time for yourself. Decide what makes you feel good, whether it’s engaging in a yoga class, spa treatment, games night, massage, cooking class, bike ride, gardening, reading a book or taking a nice long bubble bath. So open up your calendar and reserve time for the most important person in your life – YOU!
  4. Fuel your body with clean eating & lots of water – Pepperoni pizza, pasta alfredo, chocolate cake and your other favorite comfort foods don’t need to be completely banned. But I am suggesting that certain foods make you feel your best. Now is the time to fuel your body with whole, nutritious food that will not only make you feel good but be a good choice for your body.
  5. Exercise – Activities that get you moving, such as swimming, walking, dancing or yoga stimulate the release of endorphins, which put you in a good mood. Of course shedding that stubborn pound or two could also be a greater motivator.
  6. Take a break – Set aside certain days or times as a safe zone from all things wedding. There may be the tendency for this to feel like you’re falling behind but trust me, your mind needs a break from Pinterest and your favorite wedding blogs!
  7. Date Nights – Taking time for yourself during the wedding planning process is important but so is spending time with your spouse-to be. Whether it be a weekly date night or signing up for a couples cooking class or just spending Sundays at the beach. It’s important to support and keep each other grounded during this time and to remind yourself of the true reason behind the celebration – your love.

Bonus Tip!

Hire a wedding planner! We can help you manage the tasks or take over the tasks all together. You don’t have to do everything by yourself! Planning your dream day should be a great journey with your loved one. At Weddings with Flair, through our cloud – based platforms we make your wedding planning experience the best possible one with our easy to use, cohesive planning tools. Being able to connect and collaborate with our couples and all vendors under ‘one roof’ empowers our couples to be present in their own events and ensures we all stay on the same page.  And when the wedding day arrives, you can relax and enjoy it knowing all the details have been carefully thought of.