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Micro Weddings, Elopements & Mini-Monies

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have heard of the above options. But maybe you’re not so sure what they mean or what exactly is the difference between them. I’m here to lay it all out for you and provide you with some details to help you make a decision for your own special day.

Micro Wedding

Simply put, a micro wedding, as the name suggests, is simply a smaller-scale affair that includes the traditions and formalities of a full-scale wedding. Micro weddings usually have a guest count of 20 or less guests, giving couples more time to interact with their guests and enjoy the party. Unlike a traditional elopement, it’s not done in secret or on a whim, but is a fully thought-through and planned wedding day, just for a smaller guest list.

 It can be a more cost-conscious option for couples, owing to the reduced guest count. However, for many couples, it can also be seen as an opportunity to focus on the quality and splurge or upgrade on things that mean more to them. This could allow you to go full out on the tablescape design you saved on Pinterest, upgrade to a lavish multi-course dinner experience or extend your bar budget to include top shelf liquor.

Micro weddings need not be dictated by ‘wedding packages’ and need not stick with ‘traditional venues’. With a small group, venue options increase and the opportunity to be creative with the design presents itself in a way that a larger wedding just cannot. A couple can create the exact atmosphere they want.

Because micro weddings typically include all of the moving parts of a traditional larger scale wedding, it’s recommended that you not get tempted to do it yourself but still hire a wedding planner to ensure all the moving parts work together on your special day!


Elopements are weddings conducted without the knowledge of the couple’s family and friends, particularly their parents. This definition has shifted within recent times and whilst they still can be described as the whisking away of a couple alone or with very few close friends and/or family in secrecy or spontaneously, elopements are becoming more popular but couples are now taking the extra step to personalize it. Elopements are intimate, special and just as memorable as a full scale or micro wedding. It can be as small as just the bride and groom and witnesses. Without distractions, a couple can enjoy the sentiment of their ceremony. Elopements are perfect for the couple who’s a bit shy or reserved, the couple who is looking to cut costs as well as the couple who is super spontaneous. Whether you’re travelling a short distance from your home area or jetting way across the globe, an elopement does take a certain amount of planning and wedding planners who specialize in destination weddings are usually your best bet to help you with your special day.

After eloping, many couples share the good news, either by way of sending out announcements or hosting a reception later on for family and friends.


The effects of the global pandemic continue to cause havoc and uncertainty in all industries. Many countries still have restrictions on not just travel but also the hosting of events and gatherings. Whilst some couples have postponed their weddings to a later date, several others are instead opting for a mini-mony.  A ‘mini-mony’ is a mini ceremony. Guests in attendance may be close friends and immediate family members. For some couples whose chosen wedding date holds significance to them or do not want to wait, for legal reasons, this allows them to honour this special date but still plan for that bigger party with family and friends at a later date. Couples may also opt to virtually stream their ceremony so friends can join from home.

If any of these options sound like they may be for you, feel free to contact me for more information on how I can help you with your special day(s).

And remember love is meant to be celebrated for a lifetime, regardless of the circumstance!

Happy Planning!