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Wedding Bouquet Tips

The bouquet, for most brides, plays a starring role on the wedding day. No longer used to ward off evil spirits (yes it’s history is a bit shady), the bridal bouquet is now meant to tie together the design and theme of the wedding and compliment the style of the bride’s dress.

Below I share 5 quick tips to keep in mind concerning your bridal bouquet.

1) Many brides get nervous right before they walk down the aisle and end up holding their bouquet way too high, where it may obscure the beautiful neckline of their gown. For handheld bouquets let your wrists fall above your hip bone and use both hands to hold. For cascading bouquets, simply rest the arrangement on your foream and don’t hold it too tightly.

2) Get photos early of your bouquet early! No matter how great your florist is, bouquets won’t look as great after you and your bridesmaids have handled them for hours.

3) Have your bouquets delivered to the location where you are getting ready. This gives the photographer some time to get not just beautiful shots of the bouquet and other accessories but also capture some wonderful bridal portraits.

4) To keep your bouquet fresh, your florist may encourage you to keep it in a vase of water. When taking a bouquet out of water, remember to use a handtowel to soak up the excess water to avoid water ruining your dress.

5) Listen to your florist. A trained florist would be able to advise you on what flowers are not just available but also what flowers are sturdy enough to hold up well despite being handled and last throughout the wedding day. A hibiscus for example, is quite delicate and may not be ideal for a long wedding day.

I hope you find this useful and wish you happy planning!


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